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Performance Optimization And Building A Telepresence Robot

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This month we have a lot of content planned! First, we'll have a session for beginners on debugging. Then, we have two main presentations: JavaScript Performance Optimization by Jeremy Duvall and Building A Telepresence Robot by Tim Kadom.

JavaScript Performance Optimization

JavaScript is the ubiquitous language of the browser; love it or hate it, and there are many very powerful aspects of the language that can—and will—cause you to blow both your legs off in C-like fashion. We’ve all heard it said that “Pre-mature optimization is the root of all evil.” but spending a slice of time looking at performance profiles for our applications is an inevitability—especially on a mobile platform. Whether you're dealing with creeping web pages, 1GB Chrome tabs, excruciating web views, or misbehaving node servers, we all can benefit from some basic optimization chops.

Jeremy Duvall is a software architect with Slalom Consulting specializing in scalable, performant, and maintainable enterprise applications built through the lens of a healthy respect for compiler technology.

Building A Telepresence Robot

Tim Kadom of Thoughtworks will walk us through how he built a telepresence robot that can not only connect to Google Hangout, but be remote controlled from within it.