Node Red / JavaScript is Taking Over the World

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This month we'll have two presentations for you. First Harrison Stovall will talk about how JavaScript is Taking Over the World. Then Chris Aquino will talk about Node RED.

Talk 1: Node-RED

Node-RED ( ) is a visual programming environment for creating Internet of Things applications. It can run anywhere that Node.js can be installed, but is especially useful on single board computers like the Raspberry Pi, and cloud services like Amazon Web Services.

Instead of creating programs with a text editor or an IDE, you work with the Node-RED environment in a browser. And, instead of writing code directly, you drag and drop blocks on the canvas and wire them together. These blocks represent pre-built programming constructs, network interfaces, and hardware devices.

In this beginner-friendly talk, we'll look at getting started with Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi. We'll explore some basic programs and even recreate the CraftyBits project ( ) using Node-RED.


As Director of Front-End Engineering, Chris Aquino leads Big Nerd Ranch’s web team, which specializes in cross-platform app development and training for Open Web technologies. He is also the author and senior instructor of Big Nerd Ranch's "Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps" training course. With more than a decade of development experience, his skills and expertise range from Java and Python on the server to all things JavaScript, in the browser and beyond.

Before joining Big Nerd Ranch nearly three years ago, Aquino worked as a software engineer for Monumental Interactive. For the last four years, he has volunteered for the Atlanta chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) on the sustainability committee.

Aquino graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor of science in technology and culture with a focus on computational media and cognitive science.

Talk 2: JavaScript is Taking Over the World

JavaScript has exploded in recent years and is continuing to grow and mature. What started as a simple language that lived on the web has become one of the most commonly used cross-platform languages out there. I’d like to share some of my experiences of writing JavaScript everywhere and tell you a little bit about how JavaScript took over the world. From browsers to servers and phones to desktops, let’s talk about how this one language has the power to get you running on almost any platform.

SpeakerMy name is Harrison. I write code, drink excessive amounts of coffee, and travel. I work at a fantastic company headquartered in Atlanta called Volantio where we make airline marketing less terrible using a good amount of code and a lot of common sense.