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Life is Suppose to Be Fun & Easy!!

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AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center Perimeter Atlanta

7 Dunwoody Park, Suite 122 · Dunwoody, GA

How to find us

From Cotillion turn onto Dunwoody Park Dr. S., then turn Right at the Building 9 sign, we're on the right in Bldg 7.


Life is Suppose to be Fun and Easy!! If it is not, then please attend.

How do you separate the Hype from the Real Thing. It's challenging. All I can say is, "You Have Never Seen Anything Like This." And, no hype.

Higher Brain Living will be the Very Best thing you can do for yourself.

Learn How Your Life Could Be Much Easier and Much More Fun.

If you have areas of your life that you would like to improve then You should come and watch this!!

Maybe you would like more

Peace of Mind

More Joy

Better Relationships

More Money

Better Health

More Clarity

or More Purpose.

Learn About Higher Brain Living Now, it is about to sweep the Nation because it WORKS!! This is absolutely the best Personal Transformation System every devised.
But please, don't take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself.

2 Minute Video Tells the Higher Brain Living Story (

Higher Brain Living is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind personal transformation system that creates an organic surge of energy to the higher brain (pre-frontal cortex) - the most highly evolved part of the brain designed for change and transformation.

§ This organic energy surge releases life-long stress and fear that frees one's full potential for joy, passion and purpose.

§ Higher Brain Living creates permanent physiological change on an ongoing basis that results in sustainable positive change in all dimensions of life.


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Site: Higher Brain Living ( Atlanta

Straight to our video with demonstration: Founders Video Interview (

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