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Science Rathskeller - Quantum Physics and Consciousness

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Java Vino

579 N Highland Ave NE · Atlanta, GA

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Look for us in the Wine Cellar.

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What the Bleep Do We Know?
As indicated by the exchange ( that resulted from the suggestion that interested Science Tavern members get together to watch the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know?, the question of the connection between quantum physics and human consciousness is a hot button topic.

What the Bleep Do We Know about Quantum Physics?
The purpose of this kickoff installment of the Science Rathskeller is not so much to answer this question, as it is to frame it for productive discussion. Specifically, how is it that quantum physics became entangled - an appropriate choice of words - with the question of consciousness? Is consciousness a feature of competing interpretations of quantum mechanics? To the extent that it makes an appearance in these formulations, does that support the broader claims of the contemporary quantum mysticism ( movement?

What the Bleep Should We Read?
This short, readable and non-tendentious Wikipedia article, The Quantum mind-body problem (, would seem to offer a good place to for us to start our discussion. Please add to the list of suggested readings (or videos) in the comments section below. I'll make a compilation of links and send it out to people who RSVP for the meetup in advance.

What the Bleep is the Science Rathskeller?
See this announcement ( about our new Rathskeller meetup series for general information.