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Alternative Medicine: Snake oil or panacea

This Meetup is past

75 people went


To be presented by ER physician Angie Mattke.

Please note this will be a completely full meetup, if you have two bags one must be stowed under your seat... oh wait, sorry that is for something else.

We are however asking for volunteers to give up their seat at a table, but sorry no vouchers. If some people would want to get here a little early, eat, and then move to a row of seats at the back, letting another person use the table to eat we would greatly appreciate it, and will be able to make the most use of our space.

If the room still goes over fire code capacity, please be aware that our normal seating policy is first come, first served regardless of meetup RSVP status. So we apologize ahead of time if we are unable to accommodate everyone. To judge if you want to risk getting a seat or not, bare in mind the room nominally holds 40 people (though we are going to try to get cozy and beat that) and our turn out rate ranges from 50-75% of Yes RSVPs.

In that hopefully unlikely case everyone is unable to be seated, we are looking into doing a repeat session at a future date so no one will have to miss out.