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WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN AS A GROUP, we frequently post other things to enjoy doing together especially when the weather is warmer! THIS IS A JOINT MEETUP WITH GAG, ATAMOS AND FUN CHEFS. We've had a steady group of cyclists enjoying the Greenway last fall and if weather permits, we would like to continue.... JOINT MEETUP WITH GAG, ATAMOS AND FUN CHEFS. About 17 miles total. We will stop plenty of times as needed and go at leisurely pace, though there are members who can surpass the 15 mph speed limit and have been known to tempt the citation gods... Trail is paved, shaded and flat. All levels are welcomed. Use link below to find directions. Directions from downtown You can use local shops to rent bikes. If you choose so - they are the closest shop - about a mile away Bring water. Don't stop at the first parking lot. This is for mountain bikers riding in the woods. Pass their parking lot, go down hill dirt road 300 yards and you will see parking on your right. Look for Nathan- he will be your guide! WE HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Alpharetta Greeway

1600 Old Alabama Rd · Roswell, GA

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If you like the idea of "Tennis Your Way" AND are single- then you've come to the right place. Here you can plan your own singles events. If you just want one other player then set your RSVP limit to 2 people. If you want a group event then set it as high as you wish. If you want beginners then say so in your event details, if you don't care the level then say that in your event doesn't matter because it's "Tennis Your Way".

This is truly "Open Source" tennis at its finest!

If you've arrived here in error please click this meetup link ( to play against folks that can be either single or not single.

With both ATAMOS and (ATAMOS for Singles) anyone can organize events. Join today and fill in the blanks in your new profile ( In that profile if you answer the first question with a yes, then you'll be made an official event planner within a few days. It's much faster to just click the "contact us" link (on the left of this page) and ask directly.

What a great way to meet quality people that share a passion for tennis and fitness.

Don't fret if you get a bad ratio, it's always good to network with others that are seeking the same things, and tennis is always fun no matter what else. :)

Also you don't have to be a leader/event planner... you can simply join in on events someone else plans.

Have Fun!

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