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East Roswell, Intermediate-Advanced, EAST Roswell Park, Repeats Tues and Thurs

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Let's get together and play a friendly game of tennis. I ask that you are at least an intermediate player so that everyone can enjoy a nice steady game

If you can't make it by 6pm feel free to come later! I just wanted to schedule an earlier start time to make sure

I have courts reserved its $2 to play

Let's play some tennis!

If you are thinking about attending, I have a few DON'Ts you will need to abide by...
Don't wait to see who all sign's up first. (if everyone did that it would never work!)

Don't try to see if there are going to be an EVEN number of players attending. (again with the fools logic, because people RSVP "yes" and "no" at last minute or unfortunately don't update at all)

Don't be afraid to sign up, you don't have to know anyone (typically 50% are new), and you don't need to talk yourself out of it saying anything like "oh, it might rain that day". 60% chance of rain means 40% chance it will not rain, and also don't always know if it's only a quick/slight sprinkle. :) Also, just because it's hot during the day doesn't mean it'll be scorching at night. Besides, no obligation to play for any long duration of time.

All of those "don't"'s is just to say, Just Do It. :)


Do bring something for you to drink, tennis racket, tennis balls.

Bring a guest if you wish. It's a great way to practice doubles when you can't easily get 4 people together.

See you at the court!

Stop in the club house and ask for Cody's Tennis Group and They will direct you on where to find us!



Don't like the time and/or place? Feel free to schedule an event at same place with different time. Or schedule different place at same time, or different place at different time. Those are your options! :) For this ability, ask to be an organizer if you're not one already. Everyone has different schedules and locations, so don't be afraid to take a spot on the calendar that might already be taken. 10-20 miles away, or different hour, is not infringing on another's event!

To learn more about this group in general, please see the link "Read More About Us" located directly below the Flaming tennis ball near the top left of this site.

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