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Bow Wow- Yoga for Dogs with April Warhola, DC and Jared Dawson

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Doggy Yoga

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**Our classes are limited to 8 dogs, so please pre-register online for each session to assure your space in class! $20/dog**

Doggy Yoga at the Café of Life was founded by Dr. April Warhola and co-created by yogi, Jared Dawson. Miss Violet has agreed to be our doggy facilitator. Yoga for dogs is designed to open and stretch the joints and spine of you and your pup, while teaching you techniques to quiet and calm your animal through chakra balance, gentle touch and bonding. Our goal is to not only guide you and your pup through a great yoga class, but to also offer you skills and tools to enhance the joyful experience between you and your dog on a daily basis.

Common questions:

"If my dog is hyper, do you think he will sit still for yoga class?"

Maybe! But we don't expect him to. There is someone walking around the room to assist you and your pup during class, and most stretches can be done with your dog sitting, standing or laying down. Most dogs will be excited at first, and we never want to force a dog (or human) to do anything. We'll make the best of what the animal will allow each session and after a class or two, we think you'll get the hang of it!

"My dog is very old and has hip problems. Will it be okay to bring him in?"

Yes! As part of the doggy yoga series, we will guide you through a hip opening series that you can gently guide a dog through while he is on his side or belly. Dogs will let you know if you go too far, and we never want to cross that line, so each move is done slowly and gently only to your dog's limitation.

"I just got a puppy. Would yoga be fun for a younger dog?"

Yes! It's great to start good habits young; both stretching and bonding can be achieved during this series.

"I adopted a dog and he has social anxiety/aggression issues. Can I bring him to class?"

Maybe! We do ask that you keep your dog on a leash at all times, and you are 100% responsible for any accidents, injuries, damages that occur at the Café of Life. Major aggressions issues are not welcomed during doggy yoga. However, I'd like to think of doggy yoga as a tool for a better balanced pet. Dogs deserve love and respect at all times, just as we do. You may want to register for a class and plan to sit on a mat with your dog in the back of the room for a few sessions until the dog is ready to actively participate. You will learn calming techniques at minimum. Communication is key. Let everyone know that you and your dog are going to hang out and not socialize with the other dogs until your dog is ready. And the instructors will help bring awareness to your special situation as well. Be mindful of the other participants and if you find your situation is destructive or distracting, respectfully come back again next time.

One dog per person, please, and keep your dog on a leash at all times. You will need two mats for class and please dress yourself in comfy cloths that you don't mind getting dog hair on!

This class is not intended to replace any form of medical or veterinary care. Café of Life is not responsible for any accidents or injury to another person, animal or property at Café of Life.