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The Path to Self Discovery is a group that meets every Thursday evening to discuss the ancient teachings of bhakti yoga, kirtan, mantra-meditation and self-realization. It is a space for people of all backgrounds to explore and connect on various spiritual topics for leading a more natural life, in harmony with our true self. It's an opportunity to learn, share, make new friends and grow together. Along with a healthy interaction, every evening ends with a delicious vegetarian dinner!
This week we will be discussing 'Different Religions, One God'.
Many times a seeker of the Truth is troubled by perplexing questions, “Common Sense says that there can be only one God, then why there are so many religions, so many scriptures and so many gods mentioned in them? And whom should I follow? Which is the perfect path back to the Kingdom of God?”
Actually, God is one. Therefore all scriptures being the word of that one God, teach the same truths in essence. But God gives His message, directly or through His messenger, according to the capacity of the individuals who receive it.
Join us for a most exhilarating discussion on this most important topic that applies to all of us.

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