Canceled Meetup

Piedmont Park Beach Volleyball- Open to All Levels


For all those who live in town and want to come out during the week, please join us for some recreational games. Whether you are new and want to learn the sport or experienced and enjoy pick-up games, all are welcome. The courts will not be reserved so there is no charge. This also means other people may be playing, but playing with non-meetup people is welcome and encouraged. It is a public park so we should all be able to share. If the weather is great, expect large numbers of people out.

Basic guidelines:

1. Please be friendly and courteous to all players. We are here to have fun and meet new people.

2. Players of all skill levels are invited. Welcome those who are new to the sport and/or trying to master the basics. Give positive encouragement and tips to help people improve. Practicing bumps, sets, spikes and serves in the field next to the courts is encouraged.

3. Game rules to play by will be decided at the beginning of the meetup. Generally, we have been lenient in some rules because of mixed skill levels.

4. Games are typically 2s, 3s, and 4s depending on number of participants. Each team will play twice and then rotate out to allow next team play. For teams coming in to play, priority should be given to players who have not played in the previous two games. The goal is to make sure everyone receives a fair amount of playing time.

5. Be safe and stay hydrated. Feel free to bring extra water container for people to share.

6. Bring a ball if you have one. The more we have, the more people can practice in small groups on the side.


For those not familiar with Piedmont Park and the location of the sand courts, they are located on the North end of the Active Oval:

Active Oval Volleyball Court Operating Rules:

Please feel free to leave feedback on how we can improve these meetups. Thanks!