Canceled Meetup

Intermediate (B+) Indoor Volleyball


New Meetup in WEST COBB.

Convenient for those who find it difficult to get to Alpharetta and Sandy Springs during rush hour.

There was a strong first week turnout of 17 players on the 10th. Everybody got plenty of court time.


This level is for skilled players who are at the upper end of Intermediate and are more consistent with their skills. Players can control the ball more consistently and are aware and capable of passing, setting and/or spiking and play 3 hit volleyball at all times. This is for players close to being at the advanced level but needing to improve their consistency and strategy. If you are a capable hitter and are positioned next to a player who is predominantly a setter please be willing to switch if it makes for a more competitive situation. Players at this level have a good understanding of the rules, and are proficient at all of the skills required. Ability to control the ball and passing, setting and spiking is done on a more consistent basis. Players are strong defensively and able to dig balls.


Reservations are limited to 18 players, which will create 3 teams of 6. As a common courtesy to the rest of our group, if you RSVP, you are expected to show up! Please remember that if you RSVP & don’t show or cancel after 2pm or can’t arrive until after 7pm, you may forfeit the right to come back. If you are on the wait list, you are equally responsible to see if you got moved up. Meetup will email a reminder. Just make sure your account is not set to block these notifications.

We are charging a modest fee of $4 to attend. If attendance is strong this should be enough to cover court rental and costs. There will be a cash box set out every week, please remember to contribute.

This Meetup will eventually be managed through its own Meetup Page but will post concurrently here as well until the numbers grow.

All participants are encouraged to go to the WEST COBB ADULT VOLLEYBALL page here on and join our group.