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Cancelled/Cold: Alpharetta Beach - NEW: B/BB Coed 3s/4s

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Every week on Saturday until April 13, 2019

Alpharetta Beach! (Previously AtlantaPros VB Courts)

1720 Old Milton Parkway · Alpharetta, GA

How to find us

Alpharetta Beach Volleyball Courts are located on property with a house. Look for a long curved driveway on the north side of Old Milton Pkwy, directly across from the Wills Park tennis courts.

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Alpharetta Beach hopes to run a "B" level league this spring, so this is a warm up.

"B" PLAYERS, please spread the word to your "B" friends, then come out and start playing. This event offers 5 hours of FREE pickup play!

If we get strong interest during the next few weeks, that will help assure a "B" league is launched this spring. :^)

"BB" players can join, but understand you'll be helping teach others.

Please make sure there are at least 7 signed up to play before you come out: 7 - Jim = 6.
You can use the comment section below to communicate with other players that are signed up for this.

FREE, but donations are appreciated.
Donation box is at court entrance, or use

These are professional quality courts with real beach sand.

*NO GLASS outside of vehicles - This is a 100% barefoot facility. :-)
*NO ALCOHOL - An Alpharetta requirement to keep my license.
*KIDS WELCOME, but NO TOYS smaller than a volleyball on the courts.
*Adults 18+

This event is for B Players, but BB are welcome to join:
Players who realize only after arrival they do not match the level offered should remove themselves after their first game, to prevent having to be asked to stop playing.

B Level (intermediate) description:

"B" players are still in the learning stages, but are becoming more familiar with the game, rules, and the individual skills. "B" players know how to bump, set, and spike, try to use 3 hits more often, but have a good bit of practice yet in order to play the game skillfully. "B" players make mistakes frequently, but are beginning to understand what more skilled players are doing, and are often becoming increasingly excited about trying to get better themselves. B players often welcome advice from more skilled players.

***If this is your first time signing up, please read on.

If you are unsure of your level, please email Jim at [masked]

No attitudes, please. Play hard, but always be nice. No ball hogs, fights over points, etc.
Any question on a call, just replay it.
Focus on the development of friendships and skills, rather than egos.

As a courtesy to those signing up -- ONLY those signing up are guaranteed a spot to play. If you do not sign up or you are on the waiting list, but show up you will not play unless there is an open spot, e.g. someone leaves or volunteers to share their spot.

No Shows and Late Bail Outs

No-shows and late bail outs hurt the group. A "no-show" is when you RSVP 'YES' for an event but fail to attend it. Any RSVP change less than 12 hours before an event is considered to be a " late bail out," as others may have set up their day's schedule relying on your attendance. If you're unsure you can make it, please wait until you are before you sign up.


Past experience shows that guests often do not show up for events. To avoid this, in general to sign up for a volleyball event, you must be a member of the Atlanta Volleyball Meetup group. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis – please contact the event organizer.


For "B" players, while these are the rules we want you to begin working on, we do not expect too much of you at this level. Do your best and look to these rules as written guidance. As better players for advice.

1. No open handed passing
2. No carries (including open hand dinks)
3. No hand setting over the net under any circumstance.
4. No double contacts (after first ball over, which is legal.
5. No touching the net during play - ever.
6. No illegal sets. The ball should be contacted cleanly and not held (including lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown). As for spin on the ball, if you cannot define the label (Spalding, whatever) as the ball is rotating, that is a fault.

Just do your best, and keep looking for ways to improve.

Rally Scoring

All games are played by rally scoring, which means every service ends with one side getting a point (except for replays, of course).