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    BMF................... Original weak answer: "Chicks dig me because..." Bit of a movie line reference guy. Dad of 3 (boy 6, girls 12 & 14). Scout guy. Truck guy. Bike guy. Struggling newly single dad guy.
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    I have been part of a men's team since 2008. I always love to come to Atlanta to see the Dog Soldiers.
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    TriQbe Member, Team Ola Member, Event Coordinator."Before you can accomplish something, you must expect it of yourself".
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    Looking forward...
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    I am a man after the heart of God, through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I wear it on my sleeves:) Father of three great kids and a husband. Love life, love mission work and love people.
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    I am a producer and real estate investor. I've been around men's circles for more than a decade and find that I am much more successful in life when I have strong relationships with men that have my best interests at heart. Q7 is one of those circles
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    Team OLA, Triqbe Legion, USMC forever. Being part of a circle of men is the most valuable decision I've ever made. When I'm "UP" I can help other men, when I'm "down" I get the help I need to get my power back. Come to a meeting and you will see.