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This group is about expansion. Expanding your professional network, social circle and most importantly your mind. This group's main objective is to be inclusive and to diversify our life. It aims to be what America prides itself on but often fails at. This group is for vibrant social butterflies who would like to hang out with people who may not necessary look like your family, or have different political views , spiritual paths or simple things as different music taste. This group will give each of us an opportunity to dine with and hang out with different people in the hopes of bridging a gap and most of all allow us to HAVE FUN while doing it.

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Ethiopian utopia

Feedel Bistro

Let’s meet in East Africa we’ll not exactly east Africa but as close to it as you’re going to get in Atlanta. Let’s try some beautiful flavored Ethiopian cuisine. We’ve found a perfect spot and they said it’s ALL OURS. The restaurant is a passionate fusion of indigenous culinary birthright and imaginative old Hollywood meets rustic modern Africa, Feedel personifies the roots of its masterminds as well as insights to their creative fervor. Let’s meetup....

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