What we're about

Sponsored by Kansas Business Network Association, the mission is to provide a communication platform for discussing and demonstrating application of any topic interest that could be introduced by a business college.

The location of the event as a presentation or visitation to a business may be attended by regional or interstate interest relating to the development of products and services within the state of Kansas. It is possible to travel by charter bus to explore business development. Small local sponsored venues by businesses provide a range of communication platforms. This format is adaptable to the topic of interest for that area of Kansas.

There are no membership fees for joining a destination event. There may be a participation fee in those cases where the presenter(s) fees are required based upon the production and facilities. With volunteering needed resources, if any, by the hosting business in the area, little to no fees are needed. The association supports the contributing business with free advertising on the association's website and publications.

High school youth with a sponsor may attend events. This is a support resource to career development for the academic communities at any level. Those wanting additional ideas in business management or employed worker that is interested in additional methods of product development may find membership in this group to become an extension of practical applications in a rapidly-changing technology world. This group's emphasis on adaptability allows insight into the future of Kansas business.

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