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ADD/ADHD will be referred to as ADD.
ADD is not a myth and it lives in the brain.
ADD has many forms and faces.
We will learn that ADD is really a gift (a recent revelation).
ADD involves the following components or symptoms in varying degrees :
distractibility, impulsivity (speaking without thinking, or doing something before giving it
more thought), attention-seeking, poor organization skills, chronic procrastination,
a sense of underachievement, restlessness, feeling insecure, impatience, feelings of
boredom, completing projects, losing objects (keys), missing appointments (even when
there are reminders).
Although it's not always discussed, these symptoms are usually accompanied by depression,
fluctuation of moods, low self-esteem and poor self-image
In this group, one of our goals is learning our way around these symptoms - for example, we can learn how to improve our organization skills.
Another unknown fact is that Attention Deficit comes with assets too. Will will learn about these
'built in' assets and effectively put them to use. In case you are newly diagnosed and haven't
figured it out yet, the majority of ADDer's are highly intelligent, creative, and intuitive.

Whether you have been diagnosed with Adult ADD or believe you might be, the main purpose of this group is to provide insight into the difficulties facing those with this disorder. We talk about what it's like, growing up misunderstood. A diagnosis can be both liberating and infuriating at the
same time, especially for those who have struggled their whole lives, knowing it could have been
avoided. Having any kind of disability or mental illness is still viewed as a disadvantage, socially
and professionally - a stigma - causing many people to delay seeking medical advice or treatment, for themselves or for their children. Such misconceptions and closed mindedness
end up depriving people from living more fulfilling lives. The biggest and bravest step is to
reach out for help, learning to ask for and accept assistance from trained medical professionals and others. One very important fact is:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are hundreds of websites, support groups and books - offering
insights and answers to questions which deal with the challenges we constantly face. In a rapidly changing world, it is comforting to share "the journey into a unknown future" with a group of kindred souls. The group commitment draws individuals out of themselves, yanks them from their isolated lives, and gently places them in a safe environment where they can share their needs, feel understood and accepted, gain courage, and experience inner healing. Kindred souls don't judge - they understand. Kindred souls don't advise - they listen. Kindred souls don't shame and scold - they forgive. Kindred souls represent a light of hope in the blackest of nights.

Join us today, as we offer support and share advice. Learn scientifically proven supportive techniques as well as trial and error personal experimental techniques that make positive lasting change.
I am an ADHD coach and a teacher and am very knowledgeable about ADHD. I am willing to make this a support group for ADD adults and/or parents who have ADD children. I will meet your needs as long as you let me know what you are looking for.

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