What we're about

Thank you for showing interest in ATTRACT-ACTIVE-UNLIMITED. Please read ALL of the below to decide if this group is for you.

Attract-ACTIVE was created with the intention of bringing any and all active people together to share events and activities that offer a large variety of experiences rarely found in other groups. Unlike other groups with a single organizer, EVERYONE in Attract-Active can post their own events, provided they are approved by the main Organizer. Members are HIGHLY encouraged to think outside the box (e.g. something beyond clubs or bars whenever possible) and find something unique to share with the group.


Being an Attract-ACTIVE member places heavy emphasis on the word "ACTIVE". We want people who join this group to actually SHOW UP to events, not just lurk behind their computers like weirdos. In order to keep a strong, participating base of members, we ask that you attend at least ONE event every 3 to 4 months to keep your membership *ACTIVE*. Quarterly member audits will be conducted to weed out anyone who's been inactive for more than four months. To avoid getting the boot, we ask you do the following:

Option 1 - You must attend at least ONE event every 4 months, or you'll be at risk for removal.

Option 2 - If you are not attending events every 4 months (possibly because no events caught your interest?...), you may POST/HOST an event in exchange to keep your membership ACTIVE. It can be an event to take place no sooner than a week away, or be as far out as a couple months. Make sure your event is detailed with info, date, time, place, costs, contact info, etc. Be informative and give it some visual appeal to attract members. **No repeat weekly events**. Please contact Mike JP to help/ideas with posting events.

Please keep in mind, if you get removed from the group from inactivity, you won't be able to rejoin for another 4 months. You must RSVP responsibly. 2 No-Shows to RSVP critical events and you forfeit your spot in the group.


*You must be between the ages of 21 to 50 years of age.

*No posting events that take place sooner than a week away, unless approved.

*Limited bars/clubs. Exceptions are given if there is a special, infrequent event in that venue.

*RSVP responsibly. If you can't make an event, update your RSVP or note it in the comments section after as a courtesy to the organizer. Two (2) "No Shows" to RSVP-critical events and you forfeit your spot in the group.


You're also welcome to join our alternate Meetup group, ATTRACT-ATHLETIC, if you're into events focused more on sports and physical activity through the link below. Also, Attract-Athletic has no member limit, no attendance/hosting requirements and you can't get removed from inactivity.



If any member receives a message from someone they deem as inappropriate or offensive, please message me with the members profile name and I'll personally investigate to have them removed, not just from Attract-Active but from Meetup ENTIRELY. I have a zero tolerance policy on ANY type harassment or bullying of any kind in my group. Anyone found engaging in this behavior will be removed and BANNED.

Though Attract-Active is not a singles group, I acknowledge that many people in Meetup are single and looking. I have to call guys out on this (sorry, but it tends to be guys), but please DO NOT send any messages to women that are rude, sexually aggressive, suggestive or just plain weird/creepy. Not sure if your message is creepy/weird? Here are some guidelines:

(1) Are you complimenting some part of her body or appearance that could be interpreted as sexual? If yes, DON'T.

(2) Are you asking her out on a date when you've NEVER met her? If yes, that can be seen as a little sketchy. It's best to attend an event, see if you have some kind of mutual connection in person first. Then yes, message a lady like a gentleman afterwards.

(3) Are you sending the 'ol "I can't wait to meet you at the next event!" message, while sitting at home in the dark with your shirt off as you massage your crotch in anticipation and you've never met this woman prior at any events? Oh my god! Even I'm pepper-spraying you! Definitely DON'T do that! The lady will absolutely UN-RSVP to avoid you.

Guys/Gals, if you've messaged someone and they didn't respond to something you believe was not at all creepy and just being friendly, don't flip out and start cursing them out. Lame people do that. Always stay classy, regardless.

If anyone (guy or girl) messages you anything rude, weird, or creepy, please let me know. Give me their username. It will be investigated and I WILL PUNT THEM if needed. I want ATTRACT-ACTIVE to be a safe group for all who attend.



Please contact Mike JP after you've read the "About Us" section.

Yours Truly,


Upcoming events (4+)

👻 🎃 ☠️ "ENIGMA" Haunted House

Enigma Haunt

Enigma Haunt has been one of my favorite horror houses from past years since its production value, scenery, and actors have been top notch outside of Halloween Horror Nights.

There are THREE houses to go through this year; "Cursed", "Twisted Mayhem", and "Realms of Terror". Order your tickets online for the Thursday night Triple Terror Pack for $30.


We'll meet in outside till everyone gets there and join the line by 7:30. Since it's a Thursday night, lines should be lighter than usual, giving us plenty of time to see all three houses.

Bring a mask for when we enter the houses.

🎭 Live Horror Theater: How to Kill Vampires (Because They are Unnatural Jerks)

Infinite Abyss Productions @ The Foundry Theatre

Infinite Abyss studios is back with their latest production in time for Halloween. I've been to many of these shows and the performances are stellar! From their website:

"Have you ever wondered if vampires really exist? Have you ever been approached by a "human" only to have the hair on the back of your neck stand up? You may have had a close encounter with a vampire without even realizing it! Vampires are, indeed, all around us- you just need to learn how to recognize them, defend yourself and even kill the unnatural jerks.

Meet renowned vampire hunter & killer, CRYSTOBAL. For the month of October only, he and his troupe of professional vamp slayers are hosting an invite-only, secret seminar on how to find and slay the fang-wielding blood suckers. Topics covered will include:

*How to hunt
*How to stay alive
​*​How to fight a blood sucker
*Hand-to-fang combat
*How to slay the evil undead

Crystobal and his team of expert vampire-dusting trainers will be at The Foundry for only a very limited number of dates this October and hope you will join them to learn the best ways to defend yourself against the blood-sucking beasts before they come for you!

$20. ($25 regular price, but use code "VIP SLAYER" for $5 off!!)



Masks will be required to wear inside the theater and throughout the performance.

There is free parking in front of the theater and paid street parking a block northwest of the theater on 24th street.


Holiday Park Roller Hockey Rink

Our quarterly dodgeball event AND Halloween are coming together and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to throw balls at each other IN costume! Dressing up is OPTIONAL, but the more cumbersome and impractical the outfit, the more fun (it'll make for hilarious photos and video). Invite all your friends and enemies. All guests MUST be Ages 16 and over to play. Players will be randomly divided into two teams and play a round-robin format.

**Per covid rules, though this event is outdoors, please stay home if you're not feeling well.**

*$5 for civilians/non-league players.
*Free for Redball Dodgeball League players only.
Accepting cash, Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, and Zelle on the day of.
Zelle: [masked]
Cash App: $MikeJeanPierre
Paypal: [masked]

This event is being hosted in part by Redball Social's Dodgeball League to promote their fall/winter season that kicks off on Wednesday November 10th. For more details about the dodgeball league, visit the link below:


Use Google maps, NOT Apple maps, and it will lead you to the Holiday Park Social Center and Gymnasium. Look for the outdoor roller hockey rink directly behind that, next to the pickle ball courts.

You'll find free parking to the right of Holiday Park Gymnasium, closest to the racquetball courts and roller rink. SEE MAP LINK BELOW:


*What to bring
LOTS OF WATER, Hand sanitizer, A COSTUME (nothing fancy/expensive, since you're probably not going to leave with it intact).

** Important to know
Event is free only for[masked] Dodgeball League players. Bring your dodgeball league tshirt if you can't integrate it into your costume.

We'll head to American Icon Brewery Kitchen & Taproom for lunch. They've got two long table outside on their covered patio. You'll find free street parking along NE 9th Street, parking in front of Builders Bargain on NE 3rd Ave and 9th Street, and along the railroad tracks across the street and near LazerWolf.

American Icon address:
911 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Free Webinar: Overcome from the impacts of Childhood Trauma

REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3zlHSp6

Your journey to get to the other side starts here, don't take my word for it, hear these people out...

"I can't recommend Jessica enough. I've met someone who has completely changed my life in 12 weeks." - Lucinda Smith-Lenander

"After working with Jessica, I have grown more in my confidence, my belief in myself and increased in my independence and more aware of my root causes!" - Karen Huynh

"Jessica guided me in a process that made me unleashed my suppressed anger and rage. The result was an unbelievably decrease my anxiety!!!"
- Juan Velasco

"Thank you so much what you have done for me. Your help and guidance has really given me so much drive and motivation to move forward in my life I can't thank you enough." - Stephen Hall

Imagine how your life would be like...

-If you knew it would be safe to be your true self

-If you could feel safe in any kind of relationship

-If your self-esteem and self-worth has been restored

-If you have the confidence and clarity to move forward in the right direction

-If a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders

-If you could lower the intensity of your anxiety and make peace with your past

Fall out of panic and into peace. Here's what you'll learn from Overcome from the impacts of childhood trauma webinar...

1. Why you're still feeling lost and stuck in mainstream therapy and what to do about it.

2. How 5 different types of childhood trauma impact your self-esteem and shape your perspective on life right now.

3. How most people are making the 5 common mistakes that keeps you trapped in emotional trauma on replay.

4. How to overcome the impacts of childhood trauma in just 3 months.

This webinar isn't for you if...

-You’re sceptical, narrow-minded and expect things to change for you

-You suffer from neurological mental health conditions (please see your psychologist)

-You heavily rely on medication, illicit drugs and alcohol

-You want tips and tricks or looking for a quick fix

-You’re watching this because you’re going to wing it from free info and advice

-You're a psychologist, therapist, life coach, healer or counsellor (please do not join - this webinar is designed for a traumatised audience)

-You're looking for couples' therapy

-You haven't tried any clinical therapy such as seeing a psychologist, counsellor or therapist

Who is this webinar for?

-You’re willing to do whatever it takes to change your current situation

-You're willing to come into this webinar with an open mind and participate to expand your awareness

-You know you’re worth the commitment, time and money to heal your heartache

-You're willing to put your beliefs aside and watch this webinar with new eyes

-You tried clinical therapy but you haven't got massive results or success from it

-You’re driven by results and thrive on success

-You’re not afraid to go out of your comfort zone to get what you want-You suffer from stress, anxiety, dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break down

If this sounds like you, this webinar is for you!

REGISTER IN THIS LINK HERE: https://bit.ly/3zlHSp6

If for some reason you can't attend, you can still register and access the replay within 48 hours.

I look forward to guiding you into confidence and clarity.

Move With Trust,

Jessica Goh | Trauma coach in childhood abuse

Website: www.lifeinconfidence.com

IG: @lifeinconfidence

FB: www.facebook.com/lifeinconfidence

YT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNEcA-OIqX_lOurcSCiUlBA

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