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This is a Meetup with organized topics and exercises to for seekers, self-development, positive mindset work, and intentional living. It is to create a community of like-minded people whom are in the eternal growth mindset. It is a place to connect, grow, and inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves in a structured group environment.

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Eye Gazing Experience

401 Vernon St


If you haven't experienced eye gazing before you are in for an extreme treat! They say the eyes are the opening to the soul, and that eye contact is necessary to establish connection. I think "they" are right! This experience will include setting an intention, being paired with a partner and a set amount of time will take place where each person focuses on the other's left eye. Our own experience with eye gazing in a retreat setting was life changing. Yet we have done it many times in different ways and had different results! So much has been written on the topic, and we invite you to explore! While this can be used to strengthen our ability to make eye contact, it can also be a spiritual or divine experience. Laura's Experience: "As a energy medicine practitioner I think it is a way to connect with another human being energetically. I have seen loved ones of my partner, and been able to accurately describe who I saw." Rachael's Experience: "Connection with others was difficult for me before experiencing my first eye gazing event. After experiencing the power and connection of eye gazing I can't get enough!" Bring layered clothing, a water bottle, and a notepad and pen if you wish. Bring a sense of adventure, and a pat on the back for going out of your comfort zone...we promise you will not forget this! 401 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA Ste. B

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning Up What No Longer Serves Us - Group Power Coaching

This is a two hour interactive group coaching event that is focused on one thing: Cleaning up what no longer serves us in our lives/jobs/relationships/space Bring a pen, pad of paper, dress in layers and I will have tea available:) With Spring comes new energy, new beginnings, and is a wonderful time to do some Spring Cleaning. What do you want to leave in the past and what do you want to bring into the future? Some examples: 1. Diet Habits 2. Sleep Habits 3. Financial patterns 4. Relationship Dynamics 5. Substances 6. Social Media Relationships 7. Friendships 8. Clutter in the House 9. Whatever IS holding you back Whatever you no longer want... Why Clean? Make space for new amazing opportunities. Free up energy to create new patterns, and abundance in your life. Only bring into Spring what you are looking to create, and leaving old patterns behind. How does this group help? I have some special tools, and exercises up my sleeves. I will have optional follow up accountability options to commit to with me and other members of the group. Let the power of the group give you the bravery, vulnerability, and power to make the changes you desire! I have cultivated this experience over 20 times and the results are mind-blowing. Groups create opportunities that don't exist when we work alone. Cost is $15 pay by CC on Meetup or Venmo Laura @Laura-Minard-3

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Eye Gazing Experience

Auburn Total Health - Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, Sauna Therapy

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