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Kiwavers is a monthly user group for 3D artists - professionals, hobbyists, students and enthusiasts alike - to meet up, share work and generally socialize and network.

Originally starting out as a support group in 1997 for users of LightWave3D software, we still support, promote and demonstrate this great piece of software, however in the end we're more about sharing the local creativity and inspiration that kiwi's bring to this great industry...

Once a month we encourage people to come along, showcase work and share their creativity. Over the years people have shown everything from digital paintings to games they were developing using CG software for generating artwork and graphics. Some people just come along simply to catch up with what's happening locally and have a good chat.

The meetings have always been free - for over 18 years (yes, we've been around for a long time). We felt it was about time to jump on Meetup and expand our user base... So welcome one and all... We hope to meet you at one of our meetings in the near future.

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2019 Feb Meeting. A few tips n tricks from the Arcade.

ACG Yoobee school of design

In an attempt to get into a regular rhythm again after the ups-n-downs over the last year or two, the next meetup is going to be back to the third Thursday. With the January one being a little later than normal last month, it does make this one feel like its coming around a little faster then expected. As part of the ongoing goal to try and structure the meetup sessions better, and include some presentation/demo materials... "From CRT to T-strips : creating CG arcade machines" Arcade machines are one of the topics I cover when teaching our first year students here, and I'll be taking a short look at some of my observations and approaches for creating various details for arcade machines in 3D. I'm hoping that I can impart a few observational tips, techniques or ideas here that people may find interesting or useful for their own projects. We will endeavor to keep this to around 30 mins + any Q&A. After this, there's the usual time for people to show their latest work, show reels, talk about projects or show us their online presence/portfolios. Its always cool to see what people get up to! And of course, there's a chance to chat and network with people over a snack or two. ************ A REQUEST ************ If you have an idea for a presentation / demo / mini-tutorial / project break-down for upcoming meetups, or if you're an industry professional/have worked in the industry and would be keen to talk about your experiences then let me know. We would love to get more people involved in inspiring us with their ideas, creativity and knowledge as we go through the year. Plus - there's only so much of my own voice people can take before they pass out and start snoring. ;-) Be nice to get some fresh vocal tones. lol! ************ Hope to see you there.

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Happy New Year - 2019 first meeting

ACG Yoobee school of design

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