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Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific

55 N Steyne · Manly

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Novotel Manly Pacific is the perfect venue for GAS 2020 Sydney. Located on the beachfront on one of Sydneys iconic beaches, the hotel provides the relaxed environment befitting GAS whilst being an easy ferry ride from Sydney CBD.

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Registration is required on the AlphaZetta site - links below.

The AlphaZetta Global Analytics Summit is a unique conference experience, built around experts sharing their knowledge, use cases, best practice and having time for meaningful interactions. It is not vendor driven - there’s no booths or selling and no big crowds - we expect only ~150 attendees. The summit provides insightful presentations, fantastic networking and discussion time at great value!

We are aiming to host GAS in Sydney on Friday 20th August at the Manly Pacific Hotel. Further details including the agenda can be found here ( ).

The day starts with presentations on the current state of the analytics market and key trends to look for in the future. The second section is about inspiring attendees with keynotes from Volt Bank on creating a new business based on data and analytics and from goPassport on addressing the challenges of risk managed travel in the COVID era.

The afternoon focuses on innovation and implementation. We have presentations from some of Australia’s exciting startups (Volt, Adgile Media, Shop You, goPassport, Self Assured Pty Ltd) who are using analytics to disrupt their markets. To close, we will hear a keynote on how to deliver analytics and increase AI adoption.

The Summit venue is the Novotel Pacific, Manly which is right on the ocean beach, with lunch and dinner included.

All up, at just $350 for standard tickets, it’s a conference like no other!

Here’s a video clip to highlight all of the above! (

Presenters Include:
Steve Weston - Co-Founder and CEO, Volt Bank
Craig Service - Chief Revenue Officer, Adgile Media
Neale Wilson - Co-Founder and Managing Director, Self Assured Pty Ltd
Kelly Slessor - Founder and CEO, Shop You
Klaus Felsche - Co-Founder and CTO, goPassport
Cátia Cepeda - Co-Founder, Latent Insight
Tony Ohlsson - Founder, AlphaZetta; Chief Analytics Officer, Volt Bank
Felipe Flores - Founder, Data Futurology

Further details including the agenda can be found here ( )
Tickets are available here ( )

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