What we're about

A three-hour dive into a new state of consciousness.

The journey:
- a guided meditation
- vocal release through kirtan
- guided circular breathing with a live music soundscape
- reflection

Circular breath-work is the practice of entering a new state of consciousness by opening different sensors in the body with breath and activating your natural capacity for healing.

During a circular breath-work session, you enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness where memories, sensations, images and recollections rise to the surface to be reviewed, released and integrated. You can expect a wide range of possible experiences. Some participants experience elation, ecstacy, pain, release of blockages, vocalisations, fresh insights, spiritual connectedness, energy rushes or a renewed sense of purpose.

Join NZ Spirit Festival co-founders Nikki Rhodes & Franko Heke on this personal journey of deeply internal spiritual exploration. Following a centring meditation, we will begin the heart-opening practice of kirtan (ancient call and response). A detailed explanation will then be given of the history, methodology and process of the breath technique. A live soundscape will accompany our breath journey followed by a time of reflection.

We have capped ticket numbers for this event. For yours, please visit: https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2018/breathe2/auckland/titirangi

As with all modalities, this practice too carries a very low risk. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

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