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Inspired by the wonderful Tuesday afternoon Bible study where my Christian fellows have helped me with understanding God better. Also through the book "The power of positive thinking", I came to realize that we need a "happy group" right here in Auckland. This is a meetup where us Christians meet, pray together, share happiness and learn values so we can together glorify God. I'm very young in age and in spiritual maturity but I am desperate to learn and want to change myself and gradually the world around me with the help from God. As a Christian, we are blessed by God to have a spiritually rich life, just like other financially rich people, we need to help people who are poorer, who are in misery, the only difference is that these people lack God's love.

At the same time, it is essential that we grow up more mature as a Christian.

I feel the urge to start something so us happy people, blessed by God can get together, helping one another, praying together and eventually helping other people who are lacking God's love and grace. And I pray that this group will make a difference. Amen ! :D

A bit about myself: I am 23 years old, young immigrant and I became a Christian nearly 1 year ago. :D love to hear more from you. I am still looking for a venue, probably a church so we can meet up. Please email me/ inbox me if you have any idea or want to share something. (nguyenthiducmanh@gmail.com). I am so eager to meet up with like-minded Christian :D.

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