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This is a Meet Up for: The Art of Effective Listening and communicatoin (18 hours)

Most people listen but do not hear.
Listening skills are vital to your success in life . To become better in your business ,as a parent, as a leader as a friend as an entrepreneur or simply as a human being living on this planet you need to listen and to hear what isn't being said.
Would you like to be:
. present and grounded when working with others
.improve your communication skills
.improve existing work roles and relationships with collegues in the workplace
.enhance personal relationships
.promote better community relationships

Then come along to this lovely course which is a branch of Psyco-Spiritual counseling (don't be put off)
The course is designed to create a learning environment where we can support the development of self actualization by intergrating the intellectual,spiritual,emotional and physical.
Creating a safe place for you and others to talk and to help others confidently speak their truth
to learn about the importance of not being judgemental, get a little creative , learn some meditation .

Without a doubt this will be the most important course you ever take because when people listen ,really listen they grow and learn and succeed in life.

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