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This group is for those who practice (or would like to) Humanism and want to explore what is called The Human Potential Movement (HPM) that arose in the U.S. counterculture of the 1960s that was against bland conformity to the Status Quo. The HPM is about Self-Actualizing individual Autonomy and Authenticity and becoming your own Authority—all of which sums to Responsible Freedom (all terms to be defined and explained). The founder, Jack, grew up in this era and experienced most of its expressions and is well read in the literature and will be providing free digital texts of its main philosophers and psychologists (e.g., Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Rollo May) for the intellectual content that will loosely guide the meetup discussions. Please note, this group is for Humanists who “Host No Ghosts” of the Supernatural, including Gods, disembodied souls/spirits, transcending being human, etc. Only YOU can SAVE YOURSELF. No Gurus, Gods or Governments will. I will show you how with the help of my Free Friends from the 1960s! P.S. this will be FUN too, NOT ACADEMIC, but REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE! This group will require thinking for yourself and participation in discussions. Do not worry if English is not your native language. As an International Tutor of English in China and Chile for the last 14 years I am used to supporting multi-cultural gatherings and enjoy them.

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