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Tibetan Yoga & Meditation - Weekend Course - Auckland
About this Yoga: This ancient and profound Tibetan Yoga system dates back over 1000 years. It combines breath work, physical exercises and meditation and is extremely powerful in moving energy into every part of the body. It’s a simple combination practice of physical movement and meditation. In this weekend you will learn simple yet profound techniques, that supports the integration of body, speech and mind energy. This practice includes meditation (Mental Yoga) breathing exercises (Speech Yoga) and ancient yoga for health, wellbeing and realizing innate potential. Some of the short term benefits include: lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and the alleviation of general sluggishness. Through this practice you can create a foundation of inner heat, which in turn enhances mental focus, clarity, and sparks joy from within. It improves digestion, metabolic function and reduces stress and tension. It allows you to feel more connected, satisfied, balanced and grounded. The long term benefits include: making the mind more stable, lucid and assisting in awakening the innate consciousness from within us. Other Benefits Include: 1. Support of the Psychological healing Process. 2. Holistic exercise-a self-development technique for the body, mind and spirit. 3. Perfects the body physically, mentally and spiritually. 4. Gaining mastery over the body and senses. 5. Improving general health and overall wellbeing. 6. Strengthening and balancing all parts of the body. 7. Combining exercise, breathing and meditation. 8. Detoxification and purification. 9. Reducing blood pressure. It is particularly beneficial for heart disease. 10. Decreasing depression, insomnia, pain and fatigue. 11. Anti-aging; supports: clearing the mind, focus, calm, clarity, enhancing stamina, strength and flexibility. For more details about the weekend, to make a booking please visit: And for any other information please send an email to [masked] Or call me on [masked]

Kawai Purapura

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