What we're about

How often do we walk and talk in the bush or a local park and end up not paying attention to the peace, quiet, beauty around us ?

Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection and your free recreational time outdoors with other like minded members that enjoy more than just walking for exercise ?

Take a break in the outdoors and get in touch with nature, and may be your feelings and try something different outdoors with the Auckland Mindful Walking Group..


Auckland Mindful Walking Group is for those who wish to relax, reflect, re-energise and re-juvenate the mind, body and spirit , that is not about distance, speed, or strenuous exercise.

I'm starting this new group as an alternative to the many go hard pace of hiking groups on meet up for anyone who wants to deepen the connection of walking in nature and to also find others who want to make a conscious effort to stop every now and again and really pay attention to where we are and what we are doing, as we can miss a tremendous amount of the beautiful surroundings we are walking or hiking in..

After more than 10 years of organizing and leading hiking groups I'm amazed by how many people deny the opportunity walking allows us all to slow down and be inspired by what's going on around us.


Auckland Mindful Walking in Nature Group is an extension of my long standing bigger main Meet Up Group ...Feet First Best Walks and Hikes in Auckland ...and will overlap for the time being, and will feature a smaller group experience of a maximum size of 35 Mindful Walkers .

Events will be created with fun in mind and some gentle and easy Mindful Exercises while out walking and long periods of not talking..to raise awareness of our surroundings , by listening and observing nature in all her raw beauty sometimes and building on creating real friendships in this group.. on the walks you attend here by sharing at a deeper level when we meet .

More on this on the Event you attend.


These Mindful Nature and Urban Walks will be about 4 hours , at an easy going pace, include mindful exercises .

I'm learning about myself more by contemplations ,poetry , music, meditating, and spiritual discussions with others while out walking nowadays..

And you may have a particular aspect of mindfulness you enjoy or a particular book you may be interested in sharing with other members, while walking with us in a beautiful spots around Auckland.


There will be times during the day when we will walk quietly, or for 30 minutes in silence at intervals throughout our walk...focusing on being really present and aware of where in nature we are, and other times will be just normal, we'll chat, laugh, take photos , chat about a favourite plant or tree, or local history of the area we are walking in, and mostly enjoy each others company and not solemn and serious affairs or too out there.. ..

🌲 Auckand Mindful Walks ...Are For You If -

- You like walking/hiking and connecting with nature but find you don't do it as often as you'd like as you prefer smaller focused fun groups .

- You've never been in Auckland's Wilderness or Urban Parks and Reserves but would like to try it.

- You have been tempted to join a walking/hiking group but have found the whole process intimidating , and not in alignment with your spiritual practice or interest.

- You are drawn to the idea of mindfulness and well being with other like minded people while walking in beautiful places in the outdoors with the little time you have free for recreational exercise and you want a deeper connection with yourself and others whilst being in nature on a guided walk.

- You like stopping lots to take in the views and relax or take photographs.

🌲 Auckland Mindful Walks ARE NOT For You If -

- You are a competitive person looking for a fast paced and strenuous workout or need to listen to music while walking.. .

- You love hiking/walking but have no interest in , or curiosity about mindfulness and a deeper connection with yourself and nature .

- You're not willing to step slowly out of your comfort zone, to learn some new ways to consciously engage your senses,. to relax your mind and body and connect with others on a similar journey of spiritual awareness when walking.


General Notes -

Auckland Mindful Walk details will be posted online as normal to RSVP too, with information on where, what and when, and with a limited group size of 30.

🤗We also use Carpooling to get to the events which is up to you to Organize amongst each other prior to a Walk , so its important to have a clear to view photo of yourself when you decide to join if you want to ride with another member .

Group is limited to Adults only, no children, pets, or smokers or iPod wearers. . please ..and No Guests on most occasions..
. Get your friends to join us so they are informed of the Event details of these Mindful Walks for their outdoor safety and yours .


Good strong footwear is important to be wearing on our events if we are walking in winter , and a warm base thermal layer etc...A hiking pole is useful particularly if you are quite new to the outdoors of Auckland's wilderness and it helps a lot on downhill muddy tracks... Walking shoes or running ones, are okay for our Urban Mindful Walks, and a daypack with a rain jacket, food, water and something warm , or a sunhat for the weather should be carried always. Sometimes you will be asked to bring along a picnic rug or small blanket to lay on , for our Mindful Exercises . More about that on the event you attend.


Lastly , let's discover what Mindful Walking can be all about, not just for exercise, but to quiet our minds, gain new awareness and focus on nature and our surroundings, take outdoor photographs, and to improve concentration, and an overall sense of well being and joy with other like minded people interested in deepening our connection with nature .. while out in the wilderness of Auckland, and occasionally at a urban park or reserve one weekend you are free..

Hope you can join us...And just see what happens ..

Namaste .

Stephen F .

Walking Guide.


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