What we're about

Launching in 2019! A series of product thinking talks and practical methodology presentations.

We'll be starting each meetup with a practical & shareable guide to a product thinking methodology (user journeys, user story mapping, scrum retro, design sprint, creating product visions) and then inspired by Lean Coffee movement we will be breaking into small groups for roundtables conversations lean coffee style.

The goal of each meetup will be to share the material needed to bring the product thinking methodology into your company. We'll share templated slides that can be re-created using your company branding for doing a lunch & learn or alternative with your colleagues.

Each meetup will be open to speakers to present how they have worked with a particular methodology of their choice.

- user stories

- jobs to be done framework

- roadmaps

- product visions

- design sprints

- scrum

- scrum retrospectives (and futurespectives)

- customer development practices

- user interviews

- user story mapping

- user journeys

- customer experience mapping

For all members we'll be sharing a DropBox folder of templates to aid in explaining and demonstrating the different methodologies in your organisation.

We'll be working with some of the following books.

When Coffee and Kale compete (Jobs to be Done Framework)

User Story Mapping - O'Reilly

Design Sprints - Knapp

Product Roadmaps Relaunched

Inspired et. al

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