What we're about

R is a powerful environment for statistical computing, data analysis and graphical visualization. It’s open source nature and extensible via add-on "packages" allowing it to keep up with leading edge academic researches.

This R Users Group is dedicated to bringing together area practitioners of R (from industry and academia alike) to exchange knowledge, inspire new users and spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications. We meet twice a year to:

· Discover the power of R as a serious, general and industrial strength data mining, analysis tool

· Case studies of real-life R applications in industry

· Academic development of R

· Sharing knowledge, tricks and experience

· Other programming language including, but not limited to, SAS, Python and etc.

· Provide R beginners with an opportunity to meet more experienced user

Users from all levels are welcome.

Past events (21)

Collecting and Analysing Tweets in R

Room B05, Level B, Building 303 (Science Building)

The Design of Everyday R Functions - Tricks of the Trade

UoA, Science Building, SLT1 (303-G01)

"hyper2" package - for competitive games


5 Year Anniversary Meetup With R Co-Creator Ross Ihaka

Lecture Theatre MLT3 - Room 101, Level 1, Building 303 Science Building

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