What we're about

At the workshop, you will learn...

• Why a financial education is important for all New Zealanders
• Why work with a Registered or Authorised financial adviser to help you restructure your personal finances
• Restructuring case studies and the financial traps most people fall into and how to avoid them
• Learn about the retirement gap and the major problems facing people in 2031
• Why it's important to have a personal investment strategy
• Why property investment is a relatively stable option, in comparison with other investment classes
• How property investment is viable option for many New Zealanders, broken down by simple case studies
• The property investment process, the risks, and how you can manage them
• Practical advice on how to start investing in property
• How professional investors leverage time and money to create wealth and passive income through property investment
• Why a financial education should be delivered in conjunction with one on one time with a Registered or Authorised Financial Adviser to help you create your own personal Financial Strategy
• Learn about our education modules and how we can help you achieve your personal financial goals
• And lots more!

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, there will be plenty of ideas and tips that you will take away from this seminar.

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