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Introduction to the Rosicrucian Order
This is an introductory evening for people who would like to find out what the Rosicrucian Order is about and what it has to offer, which is a true, authentic & time tested path to spiritual enlightenment (the full awakening & expansion of your consciousness) so that you can, ultimately, manifest within you the Cosmic Intelligence to guide you through life - & therefore, by extension, radiate more & more Divine Light & Love through your opened heart. Training is needed to awaken this Inner Consciousness and this is where the Rosicrucian teachings come in. The Rosicrucian teachings is a home study system that gives you topics, techniques & exercises to help accelerate the manifestation of the Cosmic Intelligence within you to a full awakened power - which then becomes your Guide in life. So please feel free to come and join us and have all your questions answered! There will also be a meditation at the close.

The Auckland Rosicrucian Center

1 Coleridge Street Grey Lynn · Auckland

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What we're about

This is a group for people to find out what the Rosicrucian Order is about and what it has to offer.

Briefly, the purpose of the Rosicrucians is to further the evolution (essentially the evolution of consciousness), enlightenment, & happiness of both the individual & humanity as a whole - for the individual to reach their full spiritual & creative potential leading ultimately to the full illumination of their consciousness (a state known as Cosmic Consciousness).

To help achieve this, the aim is to awaken our Inner/Higher Self (our True or Real Self) to full consciousness so that the innate Divine Love & Intelligence within awakens & pours out through our hearts.

Training is, therefore, required to awaken this Inner Self

The Rosicrucian training comes in the form of a home study system where various topics, exercises & experiments are given that, over time, aid in the awakening of your true spiritual Self to full awareness.

There is also the (recommended) option for members to meet other like minded people/members at the Auckland Rosicrucian Center in Grey Lynn. It is important in these times to belong to an authentic spiritual group and the Auckland Rosicrucian Center (and the Rosicrucians as a whole) provides this. Attending the gatherings at the Center will further enhance & contribute to your spiritual growth.

So come along to our Meet Up group to find out more & have all your questions answered.

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