• ServiceNow Virtual Agent Meetup! Chatbots FTW!

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    People expect intuitive consumer like experiences in their work applications. The software tech graveyard is littered with products and packages that failed to evolve their user experience, failed to adapt to new ways of working, and failed to provide simple yet efficient features to people in roles at all levels of organizations. In this hands-on meetup, you will be guided through exercises to hone your skills on Mobile and Virtual Agent to deliver maximum impact. You will walk away with the necessary skills to configure each of these compelling technologies to achieve the Experiences expected at work. Bring your laptop and provision a Madrid instance on developer.servicenow.com for you to leverage these advanced techniques and build amazing mobile solutions. Don't forget to bring your iOS or Android mobile device. Agenda 17:30 - Arrive and Intros 18:00 - Intro into Virtual Agent 18:30 - Lab: Creating a ChatBot experience on ServiceNow 20:00 - Q&A & Poll for next session 20:15 - Clean up / Finish up Location: TBD