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This group is for anyone who wants to learn and explore Tantra and conscious living in general.

Meetups / workshops will focus around Tantra/Sacred Sexuality, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Ecstatic Dance, Erotic Exploration, Sharing Circle, Healing, Conscious relationships, and anything in-between.

Events rating will vary from PG to rated-R, and this will be announced on the meetup description.
The intention for this group is to meet at least once a month and to build a healthy conscious community, focusing mainly on sexuality, in New Zealand.

----Bia Bliss is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist, Embodiment Counsellor and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner. Her work is about sexual empowerment and assisting individuals to peel layers of baggage that do not have a purpose anymore, so they can live a happier and more authentic life, free of shame and guilt. More info www.biabliss.com

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Pleasure Awakening 6-week ONLINE journey

Online event

I have been practicing Orgasmic Yoga and neo-tantra self-pleasure practices for the last 4-1/2 years. It is a practice that has changed my life. The benefits of regular practice that I experience include: ✅ deeper relationship of love and acceptance for my body and self ✅ improved well-being in regards to intimacy and life in general ✅ understanding on how to fill up my cup from within, without fantasy or p0rn ✅ full body orgasms ✅ healing of disempowering stories from the past ✅ the ability to connect with my authentic desires ✅ rewiring neural pathways and experiencing pleasure, joy, ease, and bliss in ways I never imagined it was possible I have been teaching what I practice for the last 3 years and hosting a monthly 10 day Self-Pleasure Challenge on Facebook during this period. Hundreds of people have been part of the 10 day Challenge. Over time, people asked me for more: more practices, more accountability, and more support. These practices are very powerful and valuable to anyone who wants to experience more pleasure, joy and bliss in their life. From what I see around me, that’s like 99% of the population! I realised I was doing the world a disfavour by keeping these practices to myself. . One day I was hit by lightening and inspiration. What came out of this, is a 6-week online course, which I call Pleasure Awakening Journey. A course where people can go deeper and learn more embodiment practices, in a way that is simple and effective. . The time has come and I am launching my 6-week Pleasure Awakening beta online journey on 14/02/2021 and it ends on 27/03/2021. Pleasure Awakening 6-week beta online journey includes ⚡4 unique audio guided practices every week ⚡ 25 guided practices in total ⚡ beginners practices ⚡ advanced practices ⚡ reflection exercises ⚡online community outside facebook ⚡ one hour live group call every week with Bia Bliss, where support and coaching are available, AND group practice (6 calls in total) *** call date and time will be determined based on location of participants. All calls will be recorded Because I need your input, feedback and testimonials, the beta version of Pleasure Awakening online course is being offered for a fraction of the proposed price to those who feel ready to choose self-love, self-empowerment and to embody pleasure & bliss in 2021 . Price for 6 weeks is $210 NZD Full event info and registration here: www.pleasureawakening.org If you have any questions, get in touch. Lots of love and wishing you a wonderful 2021!! Bia Bliss

Sacred Touch Tantra & Massage

Bella Rakha Retreat Centre & Creative Venue

Learn about Tantra and the Tantra arts of sacred sexual healing in this introductory 4 day Tantra Temple experience. Have you ever wanted to: Have deeply intimate and heartfelt connections? Expand physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually? Align with your authenticity and intuition? Learn to create exquisite experiences in the service of Love? The skills you will develop include a basic understanding of life-force as sexual energy, sacred sensual touch, conscious and healing touch, the importance of the nervous system, boundaries and consent, the anatomy of male and female arousal, understanding orgasm and pleasure, deep worship of the divine in another being, and ritual space creation and how to apply this knowledge to support you with embodiment practices, home play and self-awareness. This offering is for ALL. All genders, identities and sexualities, and combinations of partnerships. If you are looking to deepen your consciousness through your sexuality then this is for you! ⚜️ WHAT WE'LL BE COVERING: The essences of Tantra: Brief Philosophy and world-view Chakra systems and the energetic being Embodied practices Meditation - Conscious touch essentials: Consent and boundaries Energetic Awareness Intentional touch Types of touch Full-body massage Erotic Massage How to serve as a channel of love Female and male anatomy of arousal Lingam massage Yoni massage Creating a Tantric Touch session: * Creating a tantric temple space * Being the tantric temple priest/priestess * Energetic hygiene and boundaries * Structures and build up of sessions ⚜️ WHO IS THIS TRAINING FOR? * Connected curious humans of any gender identification and sexual orientation (singles or in relationship) * Singles and couples, male, female or non-binary * Anyone wishing to enhance their relationships, their understanding of sensual massage and sacred sexual practices. * Anyone wishing to do Tantra massage PERSONAL GOALS: This training will enable you to deepen in intimacy with partners by opening them and yourself up to tantric healing and spiritual practices. Used at home, these techniques can enhance your orgasmic potential and lead to deeper connection on all levels of being - sex, heart and spirit. COUPLES’ GOALS: Reconnect and find lost sparks again or share an experience together, learn more about one another or expand horizons, this training is a beautiful opportunity to come with a partner. You can choose to do the exercises and massages together or alternate with other participants depending on your wishes and desires. PROFESSIONAL GOALS: ⚜️ If you are already a practicing massage therapist or erotic masseur, this training will expand your offerings by deepening your understanding of sexual energy and its healing potential, thereby aiding you to develop a more integrated, holistic practice. This training does not provide a professional qualification. ⚜️ PRICING Includes 3 nutritious meals a day (lunch + dinner on day 1, breakfast + lunch on day 2) prepared lovingly by our nourishment team to support your body and spirit on this training, using the best of local ingredients and fresh produce. Early Bird: $950 Full Price: $1050 Couples: $1800 Accommodation $220 singles $420 couples REFUND POLICY please ask ⚜ READY TO JOIN ? To secure your spot on this training: Fill out the application form. https://forms.gle/GHcsYk3k8VWZicBm6 Wait for our response with next steps (this will include a $500 deposit to secure your place). ⚜️ HOST Kim Saama Sky is a practising sacred somatic s@xuological bodyworker, empowered woman and lover of life's mysteries. ⚜️CONTACT: [masked]

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