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Dear Web Dev Knights,

ACCESS: We've organised for the IronBank gates to stay open late for everyone, however if you find either the main access gates, the lift or the stair gate on level 2 shut, text or call me on 022 061 5511 and we'll get you in! See you at 6.30.

UPDATE: We now have three talks, and I've increased the spots available. If they run out, make sure you add yourself to the waiting list as members very often pull out.

The first Web Dev Nights night is going full steam ahead. I've got three talks lined up, sponsors covering Pizza & Beer and the BizDojo have graciously agreed to let us hold it in their K Road space.

The first talk is an introduction to automated testing by Caleb Tutty, which will bring everyone up to speed on unit / integration testing and the development methodologies that can be applied.

The second is a talk by myself on Feature Flipping, the process of continuous development by hiding new features behind code 'features' which can then be flipped on an off for everyone, specific users or groups of users.

The third talk is by Jordan Bullivant on Using Git as a Deploy Tool. This will be an introductory talk on using Git to Deploy to your server with an advanced talk in the pipeline for a future meetup.

If you've got any questions or comments, feel free to add them below.


Mal Curtis