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Augusta Locksports is a group of regular people who like to talk about locks and how to bypass them. Are you interested in learning how locks work and how they can be defeated? Do you like puzzles? If so, you would love to learn the art of lockpicking.

If you want to learn about lockpicking and other bypass methods to physical security, we teach them at our monthly public meetings. We normally have something scheduled to talk about each month, but sometimes we do have just a meet and pick night. All are welcome to attend the public meetings. If you have tools and locks you are welcome to bring them, if you don't have any then some will be available for use.

Augusta Locksports does not condone the use of lockpicking for illegal use. We only pick locks that we own and locks that are not in use. Any lockpicking done on locks that are in use are done with the permission of the owner at the risk of breaking the lock. We can own and use lockpicking tools under Georgia Code § 16-7-20 (

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