What we're about

This is a Group for anyone interested in AuraTransformation™, Personal Growth, Spirituality, New Time Energy Healing & Meditation in a Grounded Here-And-Now way - in living their life as a Fully-Alive Spirit-in-The-Body Person.

Meetings are an opportunity:

• to mix with others who have had or interested in having an AuraTransformation™

• to give and receive support and inspiration

• to practise Energy Mastery Tools to find simple solutions to challenges & to create the life you truly want

• to gain more knowledge and awareness of the process of crystallisation, AuraTransformation™ & New Time Energy.

AuraTransformation™is a life-changing Once in a lifetime Awakening Energy Treatment with a permanent & radical expansion of your consciousness. Limiting life patterns, mind-sets & trauma are cleared & you will have life-long direct access to your expanded spirit energy. You can then take action to make your life happen the way you truly want it to happen. The new Crystal Aura Upgrade fuses your spirit & body together, turbo-charging your radiance, materialisation power, drive & intuition to create the life you truly want.

+ joy

+ balance

+ groundedness

+ protection

+ clarity

+ focus

+ drive

+ visibility

+ manifesting power.

You can read more about it here: http://www.safetoheal.com/phdi/p1.nsf/suppp ...

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