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Meet like-minded people interested in meditation in Aurora Colorado! Learn how to meditate or deepen your current meditation practice. In this group we emphasize practical meditations that are useful both "on the cushion" and in our daily lives. Each meeting will include guided meditation, and a talk on how to reduce stress and other problems encountered in daily life, while increasing mental and physical well-being. There will also be plenty of time to discuss the ideas presented. Although the meditations and talks are based on Kadampa Buddhist philosophy, you don't need to be a Buddhist to enjoy this group. Kadampa Buddhism stresses a spiritual path of individual transformation and to look within ourselves for the inner peace and happiness we seek. Everyone is welcome!

These meetups are organized by Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado.
For more information, please visit: http://meditationincolorado.org/classes

This group is for our meetups in the Aurora area.

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## May series

To register for this Eries please follow this link:

This course is based on the teachings within Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's latest book, The Mirror of Dharma. Dharma means the teachings of enlightened beings and this book is directed at those who sincerely wish to make practical progress on their spiritual path. The Mirror of Dharma clearly shows how we can solve our daily problems of anger, uncontrolled desire and ignorance, and how to make our life happy and meaningful.
Kadam Lucy James will share the commentary to this new book in this special series of classes, which are open to everyone. As one of Venerable Geshe-la’s earliest disciples, she brings to KMC Colorado deep experience from several decades of practice, and inspiring, insightful, and practical teachings and guided meditations.
Each class consists of a teaching, meditation, prayers, and time for some in-depth discussion.

### Travel to authentic freedomThe First Aspect: The path of Renunciation

Renunciation, or non-attachment, is a really light and happy state of mind, giving us a lot of mental freedom. Sure, we have to contemplate somewhat challenging subjects like death and the sufferings of samsara to arrive at it, but this is bringing us into touch with reality and we are always happier when we are less deluded.

As Venerable Geshe-la says: “Renunciation is not a wish to abandon our family, friends, home, job, and so forth and become like a beggar.” Buddha is not saying don’t enjoy yourself – he is suggesting that we can enjoy ourselves a great deal more if we just stop weighing ourselves down with attachment or "sticky desire" and its inevitable heartache.

Renunciation helps increase all our positive minds. Each day it draws us closer to lasting freedom from all suffering and its causes, in this and all future lives; and as such it is an essential component of the Buddhist path to liberation and enlightenment. This month is not to be missed!

May 12: Tired of living a cliché?
May 19: An existential wake up call with Jamie Holland
May 26: Living fearlessly

Livestream Registrants: This registration type is for those who are attending online only, not in-person. If livestream registrants wish to come in-person, please first check with KMC that there is space.
Video Recordings: For all those who have registered for the class, both in-person and livestream, video recordings will be available to re-watch all month and then for one week after the last class in that month's topic has ended. Video recordings will be posted within 24hrs of the live-streamed class.

Cost $50 for May series classes

Please join us. Everyone is welcome


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May Series
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How to love everyone
Each one of us is capable of immense love — indeed we can come to wish for everyone to be happy, and this blissful mind can stay with us day and night, making our life incredibly meaningful. To pull this off, we need to learn how to remove our mental obstacles to love and train in looking at others in a different way. In his mind-training teachings, Buddha explained how to do just this; and Kadam Lucy will share this inspiring and practical advice based on the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Are you at a loss as to how to help our world? Don’t be! Be part of a real peace initiative, learning practical meditations that will remove the causes of conflict and bring happiness and healing to yourself and others. We are not separate from our world; each of us influences this planet and everyone on it. In these uncertain times, it is so important to learn to meditate because the bigger our heart the more difference we will make.

  • These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditation practitioners.
  • The classes are designed as a series, but can also be attended individually.
  • Classes are in-person and livestreamed.
  • For Livestream Classes: When you buy a digital weekly class (ie livestream), the video replay will be available through a link for 7 days.

All classes with Kadam Lucy James, unless otherwise noted
May 8 ~ Remove the obstacles to love
May 15 ~ See the good in others
May 22 ~ The power of humility
May 29 ~ Special Class ~ An introduction to Kadampa Buddhism and Tantra in preparation for the International Kadampa Spring Festival (June 10-16)

Cost: $15 / class or $45 for the series

We are looking forward to you joining us.
Everyone is welcome!


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This is one of our most important and wonderful holidays in the New Kadampa Buddhist Tradition.

To register for this event please follow this link:

On June 4, Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day, we will celebrate the 91st birthday of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.
Every day we remember the extraordinary kindness of Venerable Geshe-la, our Root Guru and Founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, but on this auspicious day, with minds of rejoicing and gratitude, we will offer him our faith by reciting the special prayer, Request to the Holy Spiritual Guide Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso from His Faithful Disciples and by collecting our Guru’s name mantra in a one-day retreat.
There will be four sessions of retreat using the sadhana, The Hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land According to Highest Yoga Tantra and the special request prayer. In the evening, the retreat will conclude with Offering to the Spiritual Guide for long life.
Everyone is welcome to take part.

### Schedule

Saturday, June 4
9 - 10:30am, Session 1 Talk (20 minutes) on Geshe-la's life.
11:30am - 1pm, Session 2
4:00 - 5:30pm, Session 3
7-9:00pm, Offering to the Spiritual Guide Puja

The cost for this event has not yet been determined.
A beautiful, happy and peaceful day will be had by all.
Please join us. Everyone is welcome!

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