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This group is for the Jeep Wrangler Peeps CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ, JK, JL that want to enjoy our beautiful Colorado mountain trails in an organized group. We are an active group that works on a Tier system based on Jeep modifications, Driver abilities, and recovery equipment you carry with you. All skill levels are welcome, we will have a variety of runs throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Understand many trails change a little on a seasonal basis, one that was rated a 4 could turn into a 6 due to snow run off, etc.

This groups first and top priority is safety, after that comes the fun!!

The Tier or Level system was designed for your safety and our leaders sanity. Please only sign up for runs in your Level. To advance levels the team leaders all need to agree. Your Jeeps capability, drivers capability and your recovery equipment carried is all a part of the decision to advance levels.

• Level One - Rookie - Easy - Run's will be designed around those who are new to the sport, new to the group and those of you who want to do the easy runs Only requirements needed:

* Current OHV sticker, * Fire Extinguisher, * First Aid Kit and a * Positive Attitude. After your first Rookie run all future runs you will be required to have a CB Radio. Stock Jeeps are welcome, Inexperience is welcome! Trails will be rated 1-4 You MAY encounter some rocks that May cause scraping and possible damage on the undercarriage of the Jeep to include exhaust damage and brush rub alongside the Jeep (Colorado Pinstriping)

Level Two - Intermediate - Difficult - Runs will be designed for those of you who want a bit more of a challenge. You will need to be approved by team leaders. In order to run the intermediate trails rated 5-6 you will need:

* (2) Level one runs completed with us will need a minimum * Jeep with a minimum tire size of 33" if you are a CJ, TJ, LJ * 35" Tire if you are a JK, JL * A Working Winch * 1 Working Locker * Suspension Lift * Aftermarket Bumpers with Recovery Points (No Hooks), Full Skid Plates * Must be comfortable with all Level 1 trails, must have knowledge of line choice, be willing to listen and be willing to assist. *Must be willing to leave your ego at home. * While in level 2 you are not showing the experience needed for level 2 after 3 runs you will no longer be able to attend a level 2 run until your skills improve. *Tools & recovery gear, You will be given the list on your first run

Level Three - Master - Most Difficult - Runs will be designed for those who have the experience, equipment, Jeep builds, and desire to take on rocks, boulders, possible Jeep damage and breakage. You will need to be approved by team leaders. In order to run the Master trails rated 7-10+ you will need:

* (1) Full season in level 2 running a minimum of 5 intermediate trails with us. * Minimum of 37" Tire for 2 door Jeeps * Minimum of 40" Tire for 4 door Jeeps (unless other wise approved by leaders prior to the run) * Must be able to choose a line independently (not just following) * Must contribute with assistance for others during the run. Must have all require experience, equipment, Jeep build and desire. This must be proven before being accepted on a Master run.

The SAFETY of each event is our top priority, nothing personal in any way, we accept all Jeep Wrangler people, we just want everyone to have a Best Day Ever!!

Open communication is best so if you have ANY questions please reach out to us

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