Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

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Embark on a journey down ancient Egypt’s enigmatic Nile with Dr. Todd Hayen, PhD, as he presents uncommon alternative views on several exceptionally mysterious sites of ancient Egypt.

Dr. Hayen recently returned from a research trip to Egypt to learn more about the Great Pyramid, the Osirion, the Serapeum, Abusir, and Abugorab. Some of these places may not be familiar to interested participants, but they are all nearly impossible to explain with conventional, materialist, interpretations. Join in the discussion where we will attempt to answer the unanswerable. How did an ancient civilization, which did not even have use of the wheel, quarry, transport and set in place millions of 2 ton stones that comprise the Great Pyramid of Giza? How were 100 ton granite boxes carved out of the quarries in Aswan, over 800 kilometers away and carefully placed in underground chambers in Saqqara? How can anyone explain the use of large alabaster bowls found at Abugorab? Or explain the odd melted rock pilasters at Abusir? What was the original purpose behind these mysterious sites? And were they even built by the ancient Egyptians more than 3,000 years ago? Or could they possibly have been built many thousands of years before that by some unknown extinct civilization, or even by a culture that is not of this world?

This evening of slides, video clips, lecture and group discussion is sure not to disappoint! Please join us Monday evening at 7 pm at The Blue Heron Studio at 7 Devon Road, Toronto. $10 fee to attend due to limited space. Refreshments.