Mastering Azure Monitor and Bank Grade Security


Welcome to our February 2020 meetup! This time, in addition to our own Microsoft MVP Kieran Jacobsen, we are also excited to have Richard Benwell from Squared Up (UK) with us. This is Squared Up's first ever trip to Australia.

We will deliver 2x60 minute sessions covering Azure Monitor and Security

First Talk:
Speaker: Richard Benwell
Title: Mastering Azure Monitor

The best way to monitor your Azure applications is Azure Monitor, but where do you start? In this session we’ll take it from the top – getting started, quick wins with Application Insights, advanced monitoring with Log Analytics and KQL, and how to create the killer Azure dashboards your business needs.

Speaker Bio:
Richard Benwell is founder and CEO of SquaredUp, the application dashboarding company. Starting in 2011 with dashboards for Microsoft System Center and now available for Azure, SquaredUp is used by hundreds of enterprises around the world to monitor their applications.

Second Talk:
Speaker: Kieran Jacobsen
Title: Bank Grade Security (Ignite Preview)

Abstract: Banks and financial services providers love to make some big claims when it comes to the security of their products and networks. The truth is, the phrase "bank grade security" has become an oxymoron. Many institutions have failed to implement basic security controls, least to keep ahead of security curve. Yet we continue to place considerable trust in them, and put up with security controls that are counter-productive, all to maintain the theatre of security.

Speaker Bio: Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify and a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management. Kieran has over 10 years’ experience using automation and cloud technologies to deliver robust and secure infrastructure in the financial and managed services industry. Kieran describes himself as a jack of all trades; he has worked with PowerShell, Windows Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange, System Center, and Azure.