Past Meetup

Space Association of Australia Public Meeting


1. Association business:

Update on 'The Dish' | 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 event at The Backlot Studios, Southbank - purchase tickets here:

2. Member activities:

Reports on Spacefest 2014 and a first-hand account of an exclusive member visit to SpaceX HQ in California and other space adventures.

3. Space news:

F9R Dev-1 second test flight; Highlights of spectacular ULA Delta IV and Atlas 5 rocket launches; SpaceX unveils Dragon Mk II spacecraft for commercial crew missions; Opportunity update; Mars One Fatwa; ISEE-3 Reboot Project and Evolution of the universe using latest Dark Matter data.

4. Retrospective:

Apollo 10, Faith 7 and more!

And as always, plenty of time to chat.


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