• Getting Started on IoT with AWS

    Norris Conference Centers - San Antonio

    Agenda: 11:30 AM: Registration & Lunch Check-in, grab a beverage & help yourself to lunch 12:00 PM: Why consider IoT for your business We often think of IoT as just connecting devices to the cloud, but in reality, the value lies in more than just a bit of automation. IoT is about extracting intelligible insights from the data collected from your device fleet. Generally, data collected from an IoT device is brought into a data lake, but what you do with that data is what ultimately drives business value. Learn how IoT can create new customer experiences and streams of revenue by connecting the real-world to the virtual world, enabling your business to make impactful, data driven decisions. We’ll discuss IoT adoption across industry leaders including trends, use-cases & cloud native innovation around data lake analysis. 12:45 PM: Why AWS for IoT Whether you’re using IoT to remotely control a device, track devices in the wild, or collect and predict performance and failures, you’ll need the power of the Amazon Cloud. By leveraging AWS' connectivity, application, data storage and analytics capabilities, you can build IoT-enabled apps quickly and extract insights from data collected by your devices. This session will cover device connectivity, security, data management, compute options, and analytics tools as well as a demo on how to query data from a data lake with Amazon Athena. 1:15 PM: Customer Success Story - FRAC-CHEM Learn how FRAC-CHEM collaborated with AWS and Onica to rapidly deploy sensor-enabled equipment to capture, store, and visualize real-time operating data. This initial experiment helped transform FRAC-CHEM's entire business model from a chemical supplier to managed services provider. 1:30 PM: Q&A We'll have our AWS technical gurus on-site to answer any and all questions you have about IoT as well as discuss a few Proof of Concepts you nominate.