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Sans Bar Friday Nights
So to make this easier, we will run the Sans Bar meet up on a continuous basis. In the past few months, it has been awesome to meet some of you, and I hope this takes the pressure off of committing to a single night. If we can all meet outside of the bar near the food trucks around 8:30pm, we can all introduce ourselves. They do charge a $10 cover which includes cover and unlimited drinks and snacks. We are lucky to have each other and have a sober bar in our own backyard! Sober on!!

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This Meetup is for anyone may struggle with getting out of the house or have social anxiety but wants to meet other non drinkers. You don't have to be in recovery or identify as an addict or alcoholic, but totally cool if you do.

This group would differ from other sober/recovery meetups in two ways. First, YOU are responsible for creating connection. If you want to make friends, post and see if anyone replies. You have to make a small step to gain real connection. If you are just looking for things to "maybe" go to, but have no intention of going beyond your comfort zone this is not the group for you.

Second, instead of waiting for sober things to do, this group will be a place to find sober people TO DO anything with. For instance, going to see a movie, walking around the mall, meeting up at a new restaurant. It is recommended that you not meet up in bars as some people are in early recovery. The more opportunities we create for connections the stronger this group will be. Obviously, you want to meet in a place that you feel safe in. We strongly discourage meeting up with just one person in a private residence.

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