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Astral Projection or astral travel is a type of out-of-body experience (OBE) where the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves in another dimension. In a true OBE, it's possible to accurately observe the physical world. It can feel more real than waking reality, often changing one's perspective for life.

Lucid Dreaming is becoming awake while still dreaming and realizing the dream is not real. The dreamer can choose to wake up, play along and watch the dream like TV, or take charge. Some fly, some edit the entire dream environment and create a vivid fantasy, and some talk with dream characters to communicate directly with their subconscious - once thought impossible by Freudian psychologists. This is a powerful tool for therapy and self discovery. There are a few techniques that can convert a lucid dream into an astral projection and are much easier than a direct exit.

Shamanic Journeying is a mixture of the two. With group intention, a vivid daydream state is achieved where journeyers interact with symbols, animal totems, and guides to heal, solve personal dilemmas, and gain direction. This is by far the easiest state to achieve.

Benefits of Practice

The benefits of out-of-body exploration extend far beyond the limits of our physical senses and our intellect. After an out-of-body experience, many people report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity, a transformation of their self-concept, and permanently lose their fear of death.

Even the best Virtual Reality headset is still hundreds of years behind our ability to create and experience realities both wonderful and mysterious. We spend around one third of our lives asleep. Movies like Inception, What Dreams May Come, and The Matrix only give us a peek into every night's potential.

Perhaps the most important benefit received from out-of-body experiences is the recognition of our personal ability to discover the answers for ourselves.

Our Meetup

Join those of us who are in the process of acquiring and using the ability to travel the astral planes and beyond!

Just as clips of TV shows and daily life appear in dreams, just talking and reading about lucid dreaming and astral projection makes them more likely to happen. We'll teach and share hundreds of tips and techniques and success stories.

We love technology and this group is using the latest audio programs to help us practice the trance states needed for success. Between the ancient Vedic teachings, Shamanic drumming, and the best of the Monroe Institute's spatial-angular-modulation audio, we're equipped with more tools than the human race has ever had before.

We all have different experience levels in this group. ALL HUMANS ARE WELCOME! Thanks!!

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