• Easy Like Sunday Morning Code and Coffee

    Summermoon Coffee Bar

    This is the very first Austin Bloc meetup here on meetup organized by me! It will be a very casual hang out to talk about our lives and programming experience, experience as students, and goals as web developers and designers. If you are a student in a program other than Bloc, feel free to come by! This is a general support and networking group for anyone interested in or starting out in the field of web development. Show up anytime between 10:00AM and 1:00PM. Bring your own laptop and any projects you're currently working on. If you have questions about stuff you're working on, maybe have some of those prepared. I'll try to get a table so we can sit together, but Summer Moon can get packed on Sundays, so we'll feel it out and maybe relocate the meeting next time if necessary. Bring any and all ideas for web development, future meetings, or anything you'd like to see happen in our local group!