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$ You will live Longer and need More money, how to improve your 401-k and IRA

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Dear Friends, It's more and more likely you will live to be over 100, and healthy. But you will still want to retire at 65 :) Will you have enough money (assets) ?

This isn't just your CPA talking, this is becoming accepted in financial planning.

Investments with just 3% less expenses (or gains) will be several Hundred Thousand Dollars more after thirty years of compounding. Imagine the compounding if you made just 5% more per annum on your assets?

Now imagine you have money invested for another 60 years.

Can you afford to just "ride through" many 10% or 20%, or more, stock market and investment "corrections", which will likely be occurring more often than recent markets were? Sometimes lasting a year? Sometimes lasting several years? What if there is a decade of just up and down? Where would you be then? At someone's mercy?

How about just doing something simple like just avoiding investments in the likely "lesser performing" stock market sectors? Thereby improving the rate of return on your mutual funds? And then compounding that effect over many years?

Those sectors change some every year but it's not too hard to forward guess ahead if you know what Tools to use to Self-Manage your 401k or IRA.

Generally stock markets, the "smart money", will move more money into Money Market Cash Mutual Funds, and sometimes bond funds, about a year before an actual recession is being felt in the real economy.

Once a recession actually starts is actually the about the exact date that the stock market will begin to finally start moving up again. So to move out of Cash and back into Stocks can "feel" painful. But there are market "tells" for when that week, or month, or even year, is.

Or : You could at least learn the Tools and Techniques to at the Very Least avoid the most serious times. Which of course you will need to be able to tell ahead of time, And if you want to move slow that's fine, even just a month ahead of severe market troubles can help you a lot.

Just having re-allocated investments and sat on the market sidelines in Money Market Funds or in bonds for 1 year, mid 2008 to mid 2009, or even 2008 to 2011, or 2001 and 2002, would have, compared to buy-and-hold, would have Doubled your future retirement funds!

Maybe even More than doubled.

I have the skills and experience to teach people who do their own investment selections how to use proper tools and proper investment money management and allocations to, at the least be able, to know when it is best to sit on the sidelines in cash or bonds, when to be 50% invested in stocks, and when to be 100% invested in stocks. This information will help you for the rest of your life.

And help make sure you aren't eating cat food in later retirement :)

This is not investment advice. I am a Tax CPA, Certified Public Accountant, who during the non-tax season months use widely accepted tools and concepts to self-manage my own IRA and pension fund accounts. I can teach you how, quickly and easily. I am not a stock broker or investment advisor. You will need to determine your own investment risk tolerance and how easy or not it is for you to sleep at night during investment assets gyrations. But there are tools available to help you with that if you want to choose your own investments. Which so many of you do. Although I do recommend that everyone, including myself, should use the services of a Certified Financial Planner.

If you can't attend Saturday I have several of these tools and methods for you just email me at or call[masked].

I hope you can attend, you will gain education and information that will last you a lifetime, and especially these next coming few years, and will improve your financial health and knowledge.

Don't forget, "One of the most powerful forces in the world is the compounding power of money" - Dr. Albert Einstein.

Best always, Doug Tidwell, Your Meetup Organizer