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Fri Night Magic at Toy Joy: Standard Constructed
ManaSlam and Toy Joy have teamed up to bring some fun, laid-back Magic to Hyde Park! We'll rotate between draft, sealed, Commander, standard, and other formats each week. We love new players, and are happy to teach the game to anyone that wants to show up! We also want to foster an environment of fun and take away barriers to letting people play, so we have free or low-cost entry to events. Space is limited for now, so be sure to be there by 7. Our rotating formats: 1st Friday of the Month: Draft or Sealed 2nd Friday of the Month: Commander or Brawl 3rd Friday of the Month: Draft or Sealed 4th Friday of the Month: Standard 5th Friday of the Month: Something Different!

Toy Joy on Airport

4631 Airport Blvd. · Austin, TX

What we're about

Magic: The Gathering is an awesome game, but sometimes it can get really competitive. If you've ever wanted to play in an environment where people are more interested in having fun than winning, then this group is for you!

At our Magic meetups, we're always welcoming to new players, happy to explain rules, laid back, and out to have a good time. We all play to win, but we're more about the experience than the victory. We do all the expected Magic events (drafts, constructed, sealed, prereleases, Game Days), but it's more like a group of friends than an organized competition.

So maybe you've always wanted to play, but were intimidated by the environment. Maybe you've built a deck, and want to try it out against some friendly faces who will encourage you. Maybe you've been out of the game, and are ready to come back. Maybe you're an experienced player that wants to help teach the intricacies of the game. Maybe you don't need a reason beyond wanting to play Magic! If so, then come on out and play some Magic with us! We only ask that you be cool, and play for the fun of playing.

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