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CockroachDB has that name for a reason... come join us to learn more about this NewSQL database, and explore the strengths (relational model, massively scalable and resilient, geo-specific/multi-region data, auto-replication, and much more) and discuss the most common use cases.

We're predicting that with the increasing focus on mili-second responses, the need for data to be globally accessible, and the number of data regulation/compliance laws (think GDPR and CCPA), CockroachDB might be just the right database to get to know better!

If you're interested in databases, modern data technologies, building OLTP-centric and cloud-native applications that reply on Big or even Medium Data, you'll enjoy learning more about this DB. All are welcome to our MeetUp; we have developers, DBAs, DevOps, product managers, sales, marketing, and many more in our group.

And, of course, there will be drinks and food!

Sponsored by ObjectRocket, a Rackspace Company

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CockroachDB Cocktail Hour!

Taverna Austin (Downtown) | The Baci Room

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