What we're about

This is for anyone interested in heretical concepts and ideas to prepare for the coming paradigm shift. Tools, processes, techniques, strategies for personal transformation.

We aim to build an intentional community that is a safe place to discuss and explore ideas around Conscious Awareness in a setting free of judgement. We envision a community of people with shared values and beliefs who are open to playing with new ideas and concepts and supporting each other in building the skills around what it means to be in conscious awareness. We will also touch on Conscious Body Language during our discussions as well.

Another topic we will cover is Human Design. We help people understand the foundational concepts around Human Design, how it empowers us and brings clarity to who we are designed to be and what our true purpose is in this physical realm. Everyone will have the opportunity to get their Human Design Chart created and begin learning about what the chart says about them.

In addition to the above we may also discuss healing the body through nutrition and may have information to share from time to time based on the needs of the group.

During our meetings we will also have some spot coaching available for those that are feeling blocked around certain concepts and would like assistance removing the blocks.

Check out this video about Human Design from the founder Ra Uru Hu https://youtu.be/MrChJPUYyi4

We look forward to meeting you at a future meeting!

Ray and Grace

Who we are:

Ray is a Transformation Guide for the new paradigm. While some may consider Ray's views, concepts and insights as heretical, his ability to convey the concepts of the new paradigm and provide guidance around how to move into the new paradigm come from his innate ability as a guide to see where we are going and how to get there. Ray is also a powerful transformation coach using the New Paradigm Principles to help people move through the blocks that are holding them back from achieving success.

Grace is here to Connect, Motivate and Inspire others to be their best selves. As a Personal Transformation Consultant, she helps others learn to know who they REALLY are, learn to love themselves, and practice self-care through Human Design, the Science of Differentiation. Learning to thrive after a mid-life crisis that allowed her to experience divorce, a layoff, downsizing, job shifting and health crises, she also brings 20+ years experience in the corporate world, helping corporations and people adopt new technologies and learn new ways of living and working.

Why we created this group:

• Share the new paradigm principles to prepare people for success in the new paradigm

• Raise conscious awareness around the world

• Create a safe space for dialogue around conscious awareness and the new paradigm principles

• Introduce Human Design as a framework for knowing and loving yourself and learning to use your unique energy blueprint and superpower

• Create a community of like minded people

In addition to the above, Ray and Grace are sharing the New Paradigm Principles in conjunction with Human Design as a way to solidify the concepts shared during the meetings for future programs, videos and books.

While Grace and Ray and have products and services that may be helpful, the purpose of this meetup is not to sell anything.

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Introduction to our new Conscious Conversations Community

Austin Central Library, Austin Public Library

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