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Fall Frolic Meet-Up
Bring your sweet leaf loving corgis to frolic in this lovely fall weather!

Harris Ridge Dog Park

14400 Harris Ridge Blvd · Pflugerville, TX 78660, TX

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    What we're about

    This group is for Corgi addicts who want to meet local Corgis and their owners. Pembrokes, Cardigans, and mixes are all welcome! People interested in getting a Corgi or just want to enjoy the spectacle of large groups of Corgis bumbling around with each other are also welcome to join. Bring your short-legged fur babies to monthly meetups and other local doggie events, and let the herding begin!

    General Meetup Rules:

    *Not everyone who comes to our meetups are Corgi Owners, or they may have a Corgi Mix, or have a Corgi and multiple other dog types in their family. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable!

    *If you are coming as a Corgi Enthusiast, Potential Corgi Owner or whatever -- please don't let that deter you from enjoying yourself!

    * Be aware of other dogs if you are giving just your dog treats. Some of our friends can be a little aggressive with food around and please do not feed other Corgi's treats without explicit permission from their owners.

    * Remember the golden rule, treat other Corgis the way you want your Corgi to be treated. Some corgis are bigger than others. Some are barkier than others. Some have less manners. One thing they have in common is that they are all someone’s baby. You wouldn’t openly give a negative comment on someone’s human baby… so refrain from doing it to the furbabies.

    * Owners accept full responsibility for themselves, their pets, and children.

    * Owners must keep their dogs under close supervision at most of the time.

    * Your dog(s) must be up-to-date on vaccinations, especially shots against rabies and bordetella (or titer). This is an honor system, but it keeps all of our pups safe!

    *Do not bring a sick, snotty, or sneezing dog. Dogs must also be canine lice and mange free. Dogs in heat MUST be left at home.

    * Any puppy may NOT attend a Meetup event until they are older than 4 months of age and have completed their puppy vaccines. Again, to keep our pups safe and secure.

    *If you are bringing an eligible puppy, please be sure to keep an eye on him/her. Everyone will ooh and aah over your baby and sometimes the older corgis get a little jealous and start trying to herd our smaller puppies. Again, we want to keep all of our puppies safe.

    PHOTOGRAPHS: When joining our meetup group, you acknowledge that you may appear in members' digital photographs (and consequently on the internet) and are OK with this. If not, please let us know when someone attempts to take your picture.

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