EPMD on Heroku and Stripe API

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Capital Factory

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Capital Factory is located on the 16th floor of the OmniHotel in Austin

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Capital Factory has validated parking: when you go up the 16th floor ask the front desk for a parking voucher. The parking voucher will let you park for $5 in the Omni Hotel garage under Capital Factory. To get into the garage turn north on Brazos from 7th Street. The garage entrance is the first downward ramp on the right at 733 Brazos (Street view


1st Topic:

Do you like to swim upstream? Walk up the down escalator? Touch a hot stove after your mother tells you not to? (OK, maybe that last one is just Keith...) If so, this is a talk you'll enjoy. Keith has been obsessed with finding ways to enjoy the benefits of distributed, stateful BEAM applications in an environment that is actively hostile to stateful applications: Heroku. As much as there is to love about the service that invented the notion of PaaS, one drawback is that every assumption is built around the idea of transient servers that can't talk to each other. Recently that's begun to change ever so slightly, and its now possible to connect to any of your dynos, which of course means its also possible to get node-to-node connections! We'll look at what Keith did to pull this off (tl;dr: how to write your own version of epmd), what are the tradeoffs, why you still probably don't want to try to run distributed Elixir on Heroku, and what it might actually be useful for."

1st Speaker:

Keith Gaddis

2nd Topic:

Thanks to its predictable and well-documented API, Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors among developers. In this short intro-level talk, we will go over using Elixir to interface with the Stripe API. Our Phoenix application will use this interface to create and subscribe customers to plans, apply and remove coupons from their subscriptions, manage their payments and more.

2nd Speaker:

Ege Ersoz


We'll head to a local, quiet, bar to nerd out and continue any Q&A after Capital Factory's meetup rooms close at 9pm.